GP Submission

Save Our Sons Duchenne Foundation has just written a submission on behalf of our community to the Senate Standing Committee on Community Affairs. This Committee is currently inquiring into GP and primary health services provision in outer metropolitan, regional and remote areas of Australia.Sensing another opportunity to get some key community issues on the political agenda, SOSDF set about consulting with some families despite the very short consultation timeframe for this Inquiry.Not surprisingly, the shortage of GPs in regional and remote areas with a good working knowledge of Duchenne and Becker was a major issue raised during our consultation process. The need for greater collaboration/partnership between GPs in regional and remote areas and Duchenne and Becker specialists based in the city was also raised.Greater Federal Government involvement in patient assistance travel schemes has been sought as part of the SOSDF recommendations to the Standing Committee. In addition, a recommendation has also gone forward for the establishment of a Duchenne/Becker 24/7 medical hotline to provide support and assistance to families who may not be able to access direct GP and other services.A full copy of the SOSDF submission can be found through the button below: